What is the Best NFT Platform and Why?

Today there are disputes about which nft platform is the most popular – Rarible vs Opensea. One of the largest, most popular, and the best nft marketplace today is OpenSea. The variety of offers overshadows the rest of the trading platforms. There are thousands of different NFTs here, from paintings by contemporary artists to game cards.

The OpenSea concept is simple – it is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. However, the company thought about the functionality that allowed it to take a leading position in the market.

OpenSea Competitive Advantages

OpenSea tokens are easy to place, find and buy. Let’s take a closer look at the competitive advantages of OpenSea stock.

Token Listing

You can upload your NFT to OpenSea – whether an image or a song – in a few clicks: you need to fill in the input data and upload the file itself. It is this simplicity that sets OpenSea apart from the competition.

Since then, other venues have followed OpenSea’s lead, simplifying the listing process. But thanks to the platform doing it right away, the founders managed to attract token creators and users and increase liquidity.

Wide Range of Assets

OpenSea NFT divides tokens into eight broad categories:

  • art;
  • music;
  • domain names;
  • virtual worlds;
  • cards;
  • sport;
  • useful things;
  • collectible items.

The heterogeneity of the catalog means that NFTs on the platform can be absolutely anything.

Collectibles remain the most popular so far: there are over 1 million collections on the site. There are over 34 million individual tokens. However, the actual figure is probably higher.

Search Filters

NFT projects vary in form and detail that provide value: those vital to one may not matter to another. And OpenSea manages to efficiently catalog tokens and help users find the most expensive ones.

Tools for filtering and searching projects based on the essential attributes are essential to users. OpenSea adds them manually each time. It’s a vast advantage to OpenSea in terms of user experience. For example, on Rarible, like on OpenSea, there is a collection of Meebits, but it is impossible to find more valuable characters wearing headphones on their website. There is simply no filter. OpenSea views each project as fundamentally unique.

OpenSea User Benefits

Users of the best NFT platform note the following advantages of OpenSea:

  1. The price of electronic assets can change, and the purchased asset can be sold for a higher price. A profitable, attractive investment is sold at an auction, where interested users place higher bids to get the desired item.
  2. OpenSea has a simple registration, and it is easy to connect a wallet to work with it. Install a unique extension in the Chrome or Firefox browser and create a wallet in it. The site works with many wallets, so users have no problems buying assets.
  3. The simple interface allows even inexperienced users to understand it quickly. To buy an asset at the auction, go to the item card and click on the “place a bid” button. There is also the option to purchase electronic items that have not yet been put up for auction.
  4. Many assets are sold at a set price, and there is no need to fight for them at the auction. It is enough to buy.
  5. On the page of a digital asset, you can find detailed information about it: you can view the current owner and past, the end of the sale date, the current price and the history of its change, the properties of the item in the image.