Cryptomixers – tools for the formation and strengthening of anonymity

Currently, Bitcoin is absolutely reasonably classified as the most popular and reliable financial instrument. But how to deal with its conditional anonymity? Let`s examine the role of Bitcoin mixers in organizing secure transactions.

What is a mixer in crypto?

Bitcoin tumbler is a third-party website or application platform. The users who want to “wipe” their coins send any desired amount of them (subject to possible restrictions on the lower and upper limits) to their account. Further, according to specially developed algorithms, mixing is carried out. Upon completion, each participant is returned their tokens in an amount equivalent to the original one, minus the commission charged by a particular service. The best Bitcoin mixers for maximum tracking complexity offer their customers additional features:

  • withdrawal of “clean” coins to several addresses,
  • setting a time delay (automatic or manually configured),
  • using a “floating” commission, etc.

The principle of operation of peer-to-peer mixers is that the digital funds of participants are mixed with previously cleared coins from the reserve fund of the site itself or borrowed from foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. In this case, the mixing of bitcoins occurs without the participation of an intermediary. All the most reliable Bitcoin mixers are representatives of peer-to-peer tumblers.

How to transfer Bitcoin through a tumbler?

One of the benefits of a well-reputed tumbler is that they are also easy to use, reliable, and efficient. All that is required from the participant is to transfer the desired number of tokens to the site account and make several settings: indicate the address or addresses of the withdrawal, set the time delay, determine the amount of the commission, etc. The digital money will be returned to its owners after the mixing process. At the same time, the slightest connection with the original wallet from which the bitcoins were sent will be broken.