All You Wanted To Know About Tether Mining

Like most crypto enthusiasts, you’ve probably considered buying bitcoin or other crypto tokens a thousand times… and with good reason! Indeed, the constant changes that define cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, as well as their volatility, make many individuals apprehensive to invest in cryptocurrencies.

With the goal of mitigating the problem of cryptocurrency volatility that projects like Tether (USDT), a digital asset that has grown in popularity. As a ‘Stablecoin,’ it attempts to address the volatility issue by combining crypto blockchain technology with trust currencies, thus providing investors with the best of both worlds. The Omni Protocol allows Tethers to exist on blockchains. The Omni Protocol is open-source software that connects to blockchains to enable the issue and redemption of cryptocurrency tokens, or “tethers” in our case. The Tether project has piqued the interest of so many people that USDT is the third most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Stablecoin implies literally stable coins, implying that the nature of the cryptocurrencies that fit into this category is intrinsically stable, i.e. they are not subject to the price volatility that defines bitcoin and other altcoins.

So how does a cryptocurrency like Tether USDT maintain its value? This is because Tether is pegged to the US dollar, therefore one Tether token is always equivalent to one US dollar. This is an excellent option since the USD exchange rate is far more reliable than bitcoin.

Is it Possible to Mine Tether (USDT)?

Maybe you’ve decided to profit from Tether mining after understanding the benefits of this interesting stablecoin.  It’s natural to ask if Tether can be mined as the answer isn’t immediately obvious.

Tether mining is not possible since its tokens are linked to the value of the US dollar (USD), and mining would defeat the purpose of the cryptocurrency. However, Tether limited has now made it possible to mine Tether with its revolutionary new technology.

Tether Miner – A Revolutionary Step by Bitfinex and Tether Limited

With a commitment to bringing cryptocurrency to the verge of Web 3.0, Bitfinex and Tether Limited are taking a unique, revolutionary shift to decentralize the coin with a big technological advancement. Tether limited (USDT) is shifting to a groundbreaking move in the stable coin environment, by launching Tether miner (TMiner) technology, thereby, shifting the power to users.

Tether Miner’s technology is based on the USDT token’s stability. The miner utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain to keep the USDT steady, in the process minting or destroying USDT to preserve the Tether network’s stability and the tokens in circulation, which are backed by an equivalent number of US dollars, making it a stable coin with a price pegged to $1 USD. All active Tether miners are paid with USDT at the completion of each TBR (Transactions bundle ratification), which is then sent to the user’s account. This game-changing development will decentralize USDT, achieving Satoshi’s ultimate aim. Tether’s devices are now available for purchase on their website, allowing anybody to participate in the future of stablecoins.

All Web 3.0 era enthusiasts can pre-order the limited quantity Tether Miner from their website